The AC repair guy was afraid of my dog

I have a small dog, but he makes a lot of noise.

He looks vicious and ferocious when he starts to bark or growl.

I have never seen him bite a person, but he has bit a couple of larger dogs. I think he gets afraid quickly and then he goes right into attack mode. I haven’t told my landlord that I have a dog yet. I have to pay a $500 non-refundable pet fee if I have a dog. There was a problem with the AC system in my rental, so I contacted the landlord. The landlord told me that she could call an AC maintenance company. She didn’t give me a time, so I wasn’t expecting anyone when they arrived. I thought that the landlord would call me back and let me know when the AC maintenance company was coming, but they just showed up on it now. I wanted the AC problems fixed, so I did turn them away. Unfortunately, my dog was out and running around when I opened the door. My dog started running right towards the AC repairman and he freaked out and started running. He was really afraid of my dog, even though my dog weighs less than 10 pounds. The repairman wouldn’t come in the house until I put the dog behind a locked door. I hope the repairman doesn’t mention that dog to my landlord. If so, I’m going to need to pay the fee or tell the landlord a lie about the owner of the dog. I could say the dog belongs to my sister and I was pet-sitting, but I hate to tell a story.

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