Being thrifty with the thermostat setting

Dropping it even lower when you’re not home or when you’re sleeping is also recommended

There’s nothing wrong with being financially conscious. Being thrifty is essential, particularly in these hard economic times, in which inflation is on the rise, and nobody in government seems to understand basic economic principles. In the real world, and on the individual level, spending with reckless abandon will not fix your financial problems. It will put you in debt at best, and put you on the street at worst! That’s why doing everything you can to save money on your energy bills is a very good idea. Consider your HVAC system, in particular. Is 78° really too warm a thermostat setting for the summer months? That is the ideal temperature recommended for keeping energy costs low in the worst of the summer months. If such a temperature seems unbearable to you, there are ways to make the most of it. Use your ceiling fans and other types of fans to circulate the air around your home, and the wind chill and air circulation will make it feel cooler than 78°! What if you live in a very cold climate, and you want to save money during the winter. Well, then it’s the same principle in reverse. Keep the thermostat as low as you can bear it, say about 68°. Dropping it even lower when you’re not home or when you’re sleeping is also recommended. After all, they say that the ideal sleep temperature is somewhere between 60 and 69°, and cold air actually helps facilitate sleep! The bottom line is, you can enjoy conditioned air and warmth in the summer and winter respectively, while still not breaking the bank, If you are willing to be reasonable and moderate about your comfort level.