Air conditioning repair requests

All repair requests for the house building have to go through the boss.

This is a rule that has been the same for the past 2 years.

I have been working for the house building complex that long. When there is a repair that requires parts, I have to make a request. When a repair requires repair from an outside provider, I have to send a request for that as well. Over the weekend, there was a problem with one of our tenants and I needed to upgrade some parts for the air conditioning. The parts for the air conditioning were only $17 and I paid for them out of my own pocket. I honestly did not think it was going to be a big deal and I knew that the parts were going to repair the problem with the customers air conditioning. I submitted the bill so I could get paid and I got a call 5 minutes later from my boss. She wanted to see me inside her office. When I sat down, I honestly thought she was going to write me a check or supply me money out of the drawer. I legitimately did not expect her to yell at me for not following the rules. I told my boss that the $17 parts were no big deal and I did not mind paying for them, even though she told me that I wasn’t following directions and it wasn’t about the amount of money that I paid for the parts. I don’t feel I’m going to work here much longer with stupid rules like that.

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