Noises from the fireplace

It’s aggravating when there are troubles with the heating or cooling system, but recently I had problems with the fireplace, a part of our heating system that we use quite frequently.

My wife and I bought our home with a fireplace so we could use that to help our heating costs year after year.

A fireplace is free to use as long as you don’t include the cost of wood. We entirely get free wood from the forest behind the house, so it’s no big deal for us to use our fireplace. I heard some unusual noises coming from inside of the chimney and it was getting close to the time when we would normally use our fireplace. I contacted someone at the heating contractor to have a full system repair performed on the chimney. There are skilled and trained businesses that climb up on the roof and clean the chimney from the inside out. This time when I had the repair performed, I found out that squirrels made a nest in the chimney during the summer. I had no idea that there were squirrels inside of the chimney and I don’t feel we heard any noises at all during the spring or summer. The repair business took some pictures of the problematic areas. We had all of the debris and problematic areas cleaned and detached and after that we had the repair business clean and completely sanitize the inside of the chimney. We did not want to breathe any excrement from the squirrel so it was a superb idea to make sure that the chimney was well cleaned.