Eleven in the afternoon cleaning ductwork

I’ve been happy to see all the cryptos go up, even the one I had a lot of, while I relax on this dead duck stock I was sure was going to explode.

I should have stayed with the AI company I was working with, but I thought it would be a good idea to switch to a company that looks like it could go under any afternoon.

When it comes to investing, I need to learn to be more patient, and maybe then I wouldn’t lose all of my money as I did over the past year. The local dealer was right when he told me to buy and hold, but I didn’t listen and lost all of the money I had saved on my heating and cooling systems over the past ten years. Imagine saving money for 10 years only to spend it all in a short amount of time because you couldn’t wait. Well, I guess my dad, who sold heating and air conditioning, was right when he told me that people who do stand-up comedy or skydiving are risky investors. I probably wouldn’t take financial advice from someone who jumps out of planes for a living. I think they might be too risky with their investments, don’t you? I won’t try to do something I don’t know anything about. Instead, I’ll stick to cleaning ducts and selling furnace filters. In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter because the money goes out and money comes in all the time. Money is energy, and energy flows in this way. I’m going to the nearby store to get a HEPA filter.


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