Missing my mama's gas fireplace

This week’s Friday and the only thing I have to do is a short leg workout at 5 p.m. today with my workout buddy. Other than that, I’ll be working online and letting my body heal so I can play drums and sing with the band tomorrow. We’re trying to find our sound and getting closer, but my partner and I still need more time to fine-tune our rock and roll so that we can bring in crowds like I know we can. We’ve mostly been playing on the streets, but my friend and I are starting to do local company shows in clubs and air-conditioned bars around the neighborhood to earn some money. I played a little too much ball a couple of afternoons ago, though, and now my elbow hurts. I need to get better quickly so that I can drum without pain. I’ve been cooling my elbow with icy gel and warming it up with a heating pad that my mom gave me. This helps a lot with joint pain when you cool and heat the joint over and over again. I’m feeling better, but I need to keep working on the pain a bit more. My furnace will need to be cleaned out at some point, and if my elbow is still hurting, I’ll call the heating dealership and have them send a worker to do the job for me. I want to focus on rock ‘n’ roll and need a good elbow, so having someone else do that work would help me a lot.


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