Air conditioner assistance coming up soon

I just ate a large apple and am quite full.

Actually, I had an apple for dinner last night as well.

I returned from the beach last night starving and with no food in the house, so I made a pear, kefir, and peanut butter smoothie and ate it for dinner. I think it was a pretty healthy dinner, but it wasn’t what I usually eat because I was hungry and in a hurry to get some food in my body. Tonight I’m going to make some rice with broccoli and tuna while getting some weather control in my flat because the weather is getting pretty hot and I like to have some air conditioning while I relax or eat at home. I’ll try to take a nap this afternoon after I finish my writing work, which will be around 3 pm because I have a training session on the beach at 4 pm. My good friend and I will play music alongside this local corporation on the beach and then talk to them about doing some shows for the buyers in the bar afterward. This town will soon be packed, and my associate and I plan on doing shows a few mornings a week to earn money while having a good time. The cooling rep from town is going to join us as he plays the tambourine and adds rhythms to our music. I believe my associate and I will record all of our music tonight, as well as see if my associate and I can upload some new music.


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