Waiting for the local HVAC company

A lot of life is spent waiting, but it doesn’t have to be that way if my partner and I just stay present.

I seem to be waiting for a lot of things: my stocks to appreciate, a new man, to see my mother again, and so on.

But if I keep wasting my time waiting, my life will never be where I want it to be. I’m focusing more on enjoying what I have, even if I feel something is missing, and realizing that if I stop waiting, I’ll be more at peace. HVAC repairs aren’t the most enjoyable thing in the world to do, but if I focus on cleaning this air conditioner component or repairing an oil furnace without thinking about when I’ll be done, I’ll appreciate the present more and it won’t be as taxing! You can wait your entire life for something or other and never truly love what you have, which is kind of sad if you think about it. The HEPA filter salesman constantly told me to focus my mind on what I was doing, whether it was cleaning a furnace filter or charging an HVAC system because it will be much easier to do and time will pass more quickly. I’m trying to follow his advice, and I’m finding that the more I do, the more fun life seems to be. I enjoy cleaning ductwork when I’m not thinking about how much longer I have to work before I can go home. In the end, it’s the practice of staying present and enjoying the process that truly makes life fulfilling, whether it’s waiting for something or simply engaging in mundane tasks like cleaning HVAC components.

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