Mandy was distraught about the bubbling noise from the AC unit

Mandy is close to his large brother, then they’re practically best friends since they see each other all the time; When Mandy was born, his large brother wasn’t too ecstatic! At least that’s what his mom likes to tease his with, and however, after seeing his little brother fall a single day, Mandy’s large brother swore always to protect her! Since then, they’ve been thick as thieves.

After graduating from school, Mandy moved in with his large brother plus began working in his catering business.

His brother was a whizz with cooking, although he needed someone to help his run the corporation side of things, however one day, Mandy left work early because he had a terrible headache. When he got home, he opted to pass through the back door plus heard a bubbling noise from the a/c. Mandy never knew that AC units made such a noise plus was nervous. She got his phone plus called his brother to let his know about the peculiar AC noise. His brother was busy at work plus not in a position to solve the matter. So, he advocated Mandy to phone their neighbor, an AC specialist. The man was away on another job however promised to pass by that evening when he got in. At around 6 pm, Mandy heard a knock at the door. The AC specialist was ready to take a look at the AC unit. She explained that a bubbling noise showed that the condensate line was jammed. Unclogging would release the excess moisture plus prevent further damage to the AC unit.

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