The career center where I work has a great HVAC program

The career center where I work has a lot of great technical programs available, but the best one that we have is definitely our HVAC program.

People come from all over to sign up to be in our heating and cooling certification program.

It’s been rated as one of the highest ranking HVAC certification programs in the entire state, and we are really proud of everything that our school is doing to help grow the workforce in our area and all over the state. HVAC technicians are needed now more than ever before because of the decrease in the workforce that has been going on all around the country. Since people are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate, it is good to know that others are still interested in becoming licensed HVAC technicians here at our career center. I know that a lot of kids these days don’t have a plan for when they get out of high school, but our career center is really great at pointing people in the right direction. We also offer classes on construction, landscaping, plumbing, electrical work, cosmetology, and others. But by far, the most popular section of courses is the HVAC certification program. We actually have a waiting list for the HVAC certification program for the next semester. I keep telling our prospective students that if they are at all interested in heating, cooling, and ventilation, then they should go ahead and get their names put on the waiting list. I’m excited to see how much our program grows over the next couple of years.

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