Jake’s camper van needed a new air conditioning system

Jake wanted a new adventure.

After many years in the corporate world, he felt unmotivated.

It got to a point where going to work was all about the paycheck. Things were starting to feel dull, and he thought this was a sign. Without telling anyone, he resigned from his corporate job. Jake had a good savings plan, so there was no worrying about his immediate future. Instead, he bought a camper van, made a list of all places he wanted to visit and began his travels. The camper van had everything he needed, including an excellent air conditioning system. Since it was the start of summer, there was no way to travel without an air conditioner. This was the first thing Jake wanted to find out when he checked out camper vans for sale. He spoke with the sales agent about air conditioning in camper vans and ensured he tested it before signing anything. The sales agent had been truthful because he said the camper van’s air conditioner was excellent. However, after a month of traveling around and using the air conditioner on full blast, something went wrong. The camper’s air conditioning system failed, and Jake had to search for a mechanic. He drove into a town near his location and found a good auto repair shop. The mechanic took a look at the air conditioning system and had some bad news. It seemed the air conditioner had overworked itself, and there wasn’t any way to fix it. The best solution was to buy a new air conditioning system for the van.
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