The air conditioner at the shop is too old

I work in a village shop and admit I like it so much.

Before, I was an office administrator in the city.

That was a life I never wanted to repeat. It was the first position I got after graduating college. But, my boss worked me to the ground until I had a mental breakdown. My mom noticed I was losing weight and not answering calls as often. So, she came to see me, and that’s when the breakdown happened. I lay there in her arms sobbing, and she asked me to move back home with her. After some downtime, I got work in the village shop and have been there ever since. The shop serves a small community and has an old air conditioner. In summer, I’m always bringing in my portable air conditioner just in case the one at the shop stops working. The old guy who owns the village shop says he will replace the aging air conditioner but never does. Last month, I saw a chance to have the faulty air conditioner replaced and went for it. The old owner’s son was in the area to visit him and see the business. He came to the shop to introduce himself, and we talked about ways to improve the business. I never wasted a chance and told him about the old air conditioner. It was failing, and he could hear its loud buzzing noise. Days later, an HVAC technician stopped by to assess the unit and agreed it was time for a replacement. You should have seen me dance in the bathroom because the shop was finally getting a modern air conditioner.
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