Yesterday and today

It will be smart thermostats only.

When I think about where heating and air conditioning technology has gone between the old days and today it really blows my mind. I can not believe how far we have come from just simple window air conditioning units and hot water boilers along with furnaces. Things gradually progressed into central heating and air conditioning, which at first was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford it. Then as a few decades passed the price went down to where the average middle class person could afford one. And as of the last 20 years central heating and air conditioning has been the standard in every single modern home. Also we now have gone from dial thermostats, to digital thermostats and now we have smart thermostats! Smart thermostats are going to be the wave of the future. Eventually I can see no dial or digital thermostats even being available for sale anymore. It will be smart thermostats only. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing because I have not owned or operated a smart thermostat yet. I am still using a digital thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system unit. With all this new HVAC technology around it really is exciting to wonder what is coming next and what could be on the horizon for tomorrow in the world of heating and air conditioning! I will personally be waiting to see. And if I can, I will be going out to buy a smart thermostat sometime in the near future just to get up to date with the heating and air conditioning technology of today.
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