I was let down

Last year I had bought an electric fireplace.

I was very happy about finally being able to do this.

However, it was not an easy ride to get it going. When I first bought the electric fireplace I had an issue with it. I was totally let down by the fact that the electric fireplace did not work. I had to go through a huge ordeal to even return the electric fireplace and then get a replacement. These things are not easy to just return after you have installed them into your home and assembled everything. So the first part of the task was to take down everything and then make sure all was in the right spot. Then I had to put everything back in the box and take it back to the store. This was real labor let me tell you. Once I got the electric fireplace back to the store and told them that it didn’t work they surprisingly did not argue with me or anything. They got me a replacement right away. I guess this was because it was so pricey and that there was not any way they could actually check it. And why would someone return an electric fireplace just to ask for a replacement of the exact same thing? It just wouldn’t make sense. So that is another reason why I think it went so smooth. Anyway it all worked out for the best and I have the best electric fireplace money can buy!


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