The all nighter

The other week I was doing some indoor painting all night with a pal of mine at his house.

He wanted to repaint all bedrooms in the house as well as the dining room.

So we pulled an all nighter doing this. We started at around 7pm and we did not get done till near 7am the next morning. With doing this in the wee hours we had to be as quiet as possible when we opened the windows to vent the place as we were painting. We also had several portable air purification systems running as well. He bought 6 portable air purification systems just to run them while we painted. The portable air purification systems along with the windows being opened helped clear out the bad air quality that was brewing from doing all the painting in the house. We didn’t think it was going to be that easy to get it all out of the house. But thanks to all those portable air purification systems it really made it work super good. Also, by running the portable air purification systems and having the air from outside come in it really helped with all the paint being able to dry faster as well. All in all it was a hard worked night and when all was said and done, I went home and slept all day. It was a good thing it was a weekend and I did not have to go to work. Otherwise I would not have been able to help my friend out with the painting he needed done.

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