My reunion has been going quite well

I just went to our high university reunion, but it was the 30th anniversary of graduating from high university.

It was really different to see all the people all outdated now love me.

I did not even recognise a few plus some had passed away so of course they were not there; But what was really interesting was that a lot of our former classmates as a teenager ended up becoming certified heating plus cooling system specialists! I could not suppose it! I seriously plus truthfully just could not suppose what I was hearing! I really thought at first it was some kind of an early April fools joke all together played on me. But no, this was the truth, then for some reason a good handful now worked in the heating plus cooling system corporation as certified heat plus cooling system specialists. Some worked for heating plus cooling system companies plus some were independent heating plus cooling corporations. I did not go into the heating plus cooling system business. I became a lawyer. I was in the minority. I don’t think what it is that made all these people become heating plus cooling system specialists, although I respect it. It just wasn’t our thing. I am blissful they are glad though plus that they are successful in doing what they wanted to do in life, but heating plus cooling system is a tricky corporation from what they were telling me. So I think they toil strenuous at their task as I do at mine. It was an interesting night to say the least!


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