The days are getting very long

I have been going to school at night to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

In the day I have been working a very dead end and crappy job.

I am now happy to say that I passed my final exam and now have my official certification to become a heating and cooling specialist! This means that I can quit the awful job very soon and be able to go and work out in the heating and air conditioning business. I plan to start by finding a heat and a/c company that will hire me. I will work for them for a while and then try my hand at starting my very own heating and air conditioning business and become an independent heating and air conditioning contractor if it works out. Being an independent heating and air conditioning contractor is the best way to go from what I have been told by many. You make more money if successful and also you get to be your own boss and make your own rules unlike working for a heat and a/c company. But working for a heating and air conditioning company is where it all starts and we all have to start somewhere. I need to build a little nest egg before trying my hand at the independent contractor thing for heat and a/c work. So it is at least a few years away before I can even think about that side of things. I am just go glad that I passed the heating and cooling course!

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