My reunion went really well

I just went to my high school reunion.

It was the 30th anniversary of graduating from high school.

It was really strange to see everyone all old now like me. I did not even recognise a few and some had passed away so of course they were not there. But what was really interesting was that a lot of my former classmates as a teenager ended up becoming certified heating and air conditioning specialists! I could not believe it! I seriously and honestly just could not believe what I was hearing! I really thought at first it was some kind of an early April fools joke all together played on me. But no, this was the truth. For some reason a good handful now worked in the heating and air conditioning business as certified heat and a/c specialists. Some worked for heating and air conditioning companies and some were independent heating and cooling contractors. I did not go into the heating and air conditioning business. I became a lawyer. I was in the minority. I don’t know what it is that made all these people become heating and air conditioning specialists, but I respect it. It just wasn’t my thing. I am glad they are happy though and that they are successful in doing what they wanted to do in life. Heating and air conditioning is a tricky business from what they were telling me. So I know they work hard at their job as I do at mine. It was an interesting night to say the least!


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