My sister says she’s going to transport up north

My sister says that she’s going to transport up north next year if we have the same kind of Summer that we had this past year.

My sister has constantly been a little bit of a drama queen, but she’s right about 1 thing: last summer, the un-even temperatures were way hotter than they usually are around here.

It was blisteringly hot, & we barely had any rain all Summer long.The peculiar thing about it was the fact that the un-even temperatures started heating up around the end of March. That means that our Summer lasted way longer than it usually does. I think that everybody was ready for it to start cooling off by the end of June, & we still had more than one & a half weeks left of summertime heat at that point. Not only were the un-even temperatures outside scorching, but anyone who had central air conditioning ended up paying a luck on their cooling bills while I was in the summer. My sister was all up in arms about the fact that her cooling bills were twice as high as they usually were. She complained about the heat all Summer long, & that’s when she got the bright idea that she was going to transport up north. I entirely don’t think that she is going to legitimately do it, even though she cares about to talk about it & make almost everyone think that she is going to. I think that she is too pressing of a baby to live up there where it’s legitimately chilly in the winters. She thinks it’s too warm here, even though she would never make it through the chilly winters up there.
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