It was way too overheated in our boss’s office

I had to go into our boss’s office Last week for a meeting and it was so overheated in there that I just couldn’t assume it.

I undoubtedly thought that the gas furnace was malfunctioning in his office! However, our boss acted like nothing was wrong at all, so I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me.

I wondered if I should go and have our temperature taken or something because I might have had a fever. Then I observed the temperature control on the wall in his office and I saw that he had the temperature set at 85 degrees, however meanwhile, out in the proper section of the office where most of us sit, the temperature was certainly around 75 degrees. This led me to wonder if our boss has something undoubtedly wrong with him or if he is just the most cold natured guy alive. Seriously, before all of us even had half of the items checked off of our list that all of us needed to discuss, I was perspiring through our shirt and dreaming about going outside into the cold weather. There is just no reason for anyone to have their temperature control turned up that way when they are at work! Or when they are at lake beach house either, for that matter. It just did not make any sense to me. I almost asked him if he was trying to hatch eggs in his office under his desk or something even though I was afraid that I would get in trouble for insubordination; Anyway, from now on whenever all of us have to have a meeting, I am going to recommend that all of us meet in a conference room instead.

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