I want to hide our A/C system this spring

This spring when the weather starts heating up, I have decided that I am finally going to hide the ugly A/C unit out in front of the house. I still can’t figure out why the people who built our house decided to install an uglyair conditioning unit right in front of our home instead of hiding it around the back where it should be. Maybe the HVAC contractors did not understand the instructions given to them , or maybe there’s some other issue that I don’t know about. Whatever the reason, that AC unit right in front of our house really detracts from the curb appeal of the place. I don’t know if we could even sell our house if we wanted to because of the way that that ugly air conditioning unit looks right next to the front sidewalk. It’s really the dumbest thing that I have ever seen. I wish that we had it to do over again, and I would have really complained about the fact that the HVAC contractor placed it there. As it was, by the time we were getting to that point in the hour building project, I was so sick and tired of the whole thing that I didn’t want to complain about anything. I just wanted to get moved into the house. Everything took three times as long as it should have, including all of the installation of the HVAC materials. The last thing that I wanted to do at that point was to delay finishing the house any longer! However, now I am dealing with this ugly A/C unit out front and I’m going to have to plant some kind of a tree or build a hedge of bushes around it.

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