Learning about other kinds of HVAC filters

After hearing all our buddies talking about how amazing washable filters are, I decided to head down to the heating and A/C shop as well as see what I could find; when an actual heating and A/C expert came to help me out, I told him I was looking for washable filters… He asked if somebody advised them to me, as well as I told him how it was only every single one of our buddies.

He laughed as well as said that the washable filters have been growing in popularity as well as for a nice reason; the thing is, a lot of people are fatigued about filling the landfills with old air filters as well as would rather have something that lasts much longer as well as saves them currency.

He showed me the weird washable filters as well as I was impressed how some of them had high MERV ratings; I decided to go for the more high-priced singles that would keep our air quality good as well as would last for approximately 2 years with correct cleaning every single week… So far, the washable filter has been keeping the air quality nice in our home as well. I’m surprised at how easy the washable filter is to clean. When our buddies came over to see how I was liking our modern air filter, they were amazed when I told them that the washable filter had a MERV 8 rating as well as it retained its MERV 8 rating even after being washed various times! The heating and A/C expert explained that the washable filter was able to achieve such outstanding air filtration because of the mechanical filtration it used instead of electrostatic. He told me these washable filters are the future!

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