The AC service buyer did not confirm her appointment time

Every time I schedule a buyer for a repair, I let them think that both of us will call to confirm the appointment on the day before the service is scheduled.

All of us have a lot of clients stressed during the day plus both of us regularly make sure that the buyer is ready plus still expecting service.

Last year a buyer called to make an appointment for service on her heat pump. The buyer contacted myself and others on Wednesday plus she made the appointment for Tuesday day. I called the woman on Tuesday day so I could get confirmation. The buyer did not answer the iphone. I left a voice message plus she did not call back before the end of the corporation day. I contacted the buyer again the next day plus she still did not answer the iphone. At this point, I decided to cancel the appointment plus I sent that service specialist to a different address at 2. At 3, the buyer called to find out why the service specialist was not there yet. I am cheerful that I was the person to answer the iphone, because the woman began to get irritated plus belligerent. I politely plus calmly told the woman that she had multiple possibilities to confirm the appointment. When she did not, it is our policy as stated to cancel the appointment. I provided to reschedule her for the next available appointment, but she was clearly miserable plus did not want to use our services after she felt that both of us were in the wrong. I called her 3 times plus left messages.

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