Not a very friendly customer

When you work as a heating and AC technician most of the people that you will encounter I would say are friendly, well meeting people who are just down on their luck with their HVAC system. For one reason or another, they’re heating and cooling systems aren’t working. However maybe it’s just their heating system that isn’t working, or they’re cooling system. Maybe it isn’t working because it’s outdated, or maybe it isn’t working because the owner hasn’t had any service or tune-ups done on it in forever. I’m trying to separate note is why having regular service and tune-ups is important. Regardless of the actual reason that it is having trouble functioning, I am there to fix it and most of these people that I encountered are very kind individuals. They just want to have their heating and AC system fixed so they can go back to enjoy the cool air or the warmth from their heating system on a cold day. However every now and then you do get that one person or two, that are just not nice people and unfortunately on my most recent HVAC run this was the case. A couple was having trouble with their electric furnace that had broken down on them. It was because they neglected and didn’t give it the proper service and maintenance it needed. When I told them to stay flipped out on me and got angry at me for telling them…the truth. Some people just don’t like to hear it. I repaired their heating system as quickly as I could and was glad when I got out of there

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