Trying a free fitness class

When the local community center started offering free fitness classes, my spouse and I looked at a number of pamphlets.

All of us were interested in finding an activity that both of us could enjoy together.

Our therapist told me about yoga as a way to loosen our muscles and relax. Yoga did not sound like a lot of fun to me. I was genuinely searching for something with a little more cardio. When we found out that the yoga class was already full, all of us were forced to find something else. One thing that seemed interesting was a health and wellness class. The health and wellness class included a lot of different physical exercises that were meant to help the mind and the body. Those classes did not sound too fun or interesting to me, but my spouse was convinced that the health and wellness class would be beneficial to both of us. Every one of us went to the very first class last week. There were more people in the free fitness class than I anticipated. Our first class talked about general wellness and relaxation exercises. The teacher discussed meditation and taking some time out of the afternoon to relax and unwind. The minute class was more about nutrition. The teacher was a super nice man. This fitness class teacher talked about ways that both of us can use fruits and veggies to boost health, metabolism, and general wellness. There were a lot of free fitness classes offered by the community health center and I’m certain that my spouse and I picked 1 of the best free classes available.

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