Weight loss assistance

I always weighed a hundred pounds or more than the other kids in class.

I had problems with our self esteem.

I had weight loss surgery and it was a good thing. The doctors were excited with the results. I had to start losing weight and I had to follow a harsh diet. It was hard to follow the diet and I found myself gaining weight instead of losing. The doctor sent me to a personal fitness and nutrition class. The personal fitness and nutrition class was 6 weeks long. I attended classes every Monday and Wednesday. I learned a lot while in the personal fitness and nutrition classes. I learned how to eat better and cook for myself. I got exercises that would truly supply me with the best workout. It was a high-impact workout with lots of weight lifting and cardio. I enjoyed the workout, but it was hard to keep going with the task after the classes were over. I found it very hard to stay on task. Joining a local gym was something that helped. At the gym, I’m not alone. There are people all over the place that can offer advice and help. There is always someone at the gym to help spot me when I am lifting weights. I have a meal plan that helps too. The meal plan is set up with meals that I like and can make. All of the foods are in recipes that are low carb and high protein meals. I’m entirely getting all of the help that I needed to complete our journey and focus on reaching all of my goals.

Workout program