We finally had a ductless multi split installed

A long time ago, we used window AC units to get through the summer months.

Then we eventually had an HVAC expert install a refurbished central HVAC. The ductwork system in our home was very old, so we had to have it resealed and checked for leakage. That old refurbished HVAC worked well for a long time, but eventually it died on us at the worst time. It was even after we had the cooling system tuned up in the spring, but we still had the cooling system die in the midst of the summer. Fortunately, we had all those backup window AC units so we installed those throughout the house just like how we used to back in the day. I was surprised how well those window AC units still worked, but the energy bills were more costly. We went through the rest of the summer without getting a new central cooling system. Finally when we got to the end of the summer, we consulted with an HVAC professional and said we were ready to go for an upgrade. We went over the options and the HVAC pro advised we go for a ductless HVAC since our old ductwork was in terrible shape. So we had a new ductless multi split system installed with numerous zones throughout the household. This new HVAC system honestly is amazing and it will cover us with heating down to negative 5 degrees fahrenheit. Since our winters don’t get that cold around here, we are confident the system will have us feeling cozy in our home with lower energy costs. So far, everything has been fine and the energy bills are surprisingly low!

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