The HVAC professional left our system in terrible shape

I was not too thrilled when the HVAC professional left and our HVAC system was having all sorts of issues.

I mean, it seemed like the HVAC system was working worse than before the HVAC pro worked on everything.

He seemed like he was stressed and he was sweating a lot. I ended up calling the HVAC company immediately and told them what was going on and how I believed the HVAC worker made things worse with our HVAC equipment. I was apologized to by the manager of the HVAC shop and he said another professional would come out before the end of the evening to take care of everything. He said we wouldn’t be charged for emergency services even though it would be during the after hours. Well, I was appreciative of that. The new HVAC professional who came out seemed to know what he was doing and he told us exactly what he was doing and why. He even pointed out that the other guy did mess up and he apologized for his mistakes. He mentioned that the guy was dealing with a death in the family but still said he had to work because he needed money to help cover funeral costs. It was a sad situation and no wonder he seemed like he was preoccupied the entire time he was trying to work on our HVAC equipment. I was worried that I might have to go with a new HVAC company entirely, but I actually don’t blame the guy because he was dealing with a stressful situation. Anyway, the company made things right and now our HVAC system is working fine again.

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