I have been working a little too much these past few days

For the last few days, I have been working on this important project.

It took all my energy and devotion because everything had to be just right in order to impress our client.

I was so busy that I forgot to even eat anything for breakfast. My wife ended up telling me that I had to get some food, so after a day of not eating, she cooked me a nice breakfast. I hardly had any time to enjoy it to be honest. The only thing I had time for was adjusting the temperature control settings in my office. I also made time to shower, but I couldn’t spend too much time away from my work because there was a deadline coming up fast. Still it was nice because I had the smart thermostat to depend on and I could adjust the temperature control settings remotely as needed without wasting any time. My wife kept bringing me sandwiches and water for lunch and for dinner I would typically just eat some noodles or rice. Eventually, she asked me if we could go out somewhere to eat. She wasn’t sure what she could make for dinner that I might enjoy. I wasn’t even sure what I was in the mood for. I told her I couldn’t spend time relaxing at a restaurant even if they had excellent temperature control settings and air quality. I needed to continue working, so we had food delivered to our house. I had something fast, a cheeseburger with a salad on the side. My wife got a greek chicken salad and we ate together at home quickly and then I got straight back to work!
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