We got a new heating and a/c unit

My family grew up in a remote part of the country, in heavily wooded terrain, and it was lovely, our closest neighbors were over more than two miles away, and a little stream ran through our corner of the woods, so my siblings and I grew up wading up and down it in the summers, and walking across its frozen surface in the winters.

  • The trees grew tall over our small house, which was in a small clearing.

Our house was about a 10 minute walk from where the woods concluded, and a vast meadow was sprawled out. The only disadvantage to living this way was that there was no electricity, and our only source of heating was a wood burning stove in each room of our house. As my parents grew older, and keeping up with that amount of wood cutting was starting to look daunting, they had an Heating and A/C serviceman come take a look, he said that his Heating and A/C com[any would be able to set up a gas line from our neighbors to our house, so that we would be able to install a Heating and A/C unit and air conditioning if we wanted. Both of us were happy with this idea, and immediately helped to draw up a plan for our new Heating and A/C unit. A few weeks later, everything was in place with the gas line, and our Heating and A/C tech came back out to install our new Heating and A/C unit. We were excited to finally have it up and running, and when it finally was, we turned on the air conditioning, as it was summer time and quite hot. It worked like a dream! We cannot wait to test out our new furnace this winter.


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