Careless construction

I was pretty mad at the construction workers that have been repairing my roof.

They were so careless that they dropped a wood plank right onto my central heating plus a/c! I could not know they were not more careful! As a result, my central heat plus cooling system unit was not only dented plus disfigured, but it knocked something loose which made myself and others have to call the local heat plus cooling system company to send out one of their certified heating plus cooling specialists to repair my central Heating, Ventilation and A/C system unit! And know myself and others when I tell you that the cost of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair plus the cost of a new casing for my central heating plus a/c was charged to the construction company.

At first they tried to argument myself and others on that, but when I told them that I would take them to small claims court plus sue them for as much as I could get out of them, they happyly paid for it separate from another word! They need to be more careful when doing construction work in someone’s lake lake house around the central heat plus cooling system unit, and people do not realize that central heat plus cooling system systems can not take the beatings that they know they can. At least they paid for it. They continued with the construction plus got my roof fixed but I will say one thing, I will never hire these women again.

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