I Feel Like I am 74 Years Old Today

I suppose I overdid it with the drumming this past weekend plus our body is suffering.

If this is what 74 years outdated feels like then getting outdated is not going to be fun.

At least I have a functioning body normally plus I suppose I have our chilly water dips to thank for that. I also do a lot of heat therapy beside our radiant heating system plus in our bathtub, which I fill with very boiling water. The body enjoys it when you cool it down plus then heat it up right afterwards. I try to keep our smart control unit set to a warm temperature so when I am condo our joints are warmer plus less apt to get destructiond. I also use ice packs on our shoulders when they are sore from doing things like drumming for several minutes over a weekend. I have a geothermal heat pump that is very efficient plus saves me a lot of money, unlike our outdated oil heating system which had the pilot light go out about ten times a afternoon. I like this unit we have in our flat now because it requires hardly any maintenance at all. I was going to get a hybrid furnace put in but opted for the geothermal instead because it was a lot cheaper. I’m pretty glad with how well it works plus with how much it has been saving me on power bills lately. The HVAC techs that installed it provided me a more than one year maintenance plan for free, which was very nice of them.

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