Was Hoping to Hit the Beach Today but It’s So Cold Out

If you look out of the window in our office it looks love it could be a nice moderate sunny day.

  • But when you go out on the balcony you discover that it feels about ready to snow out.

It easily snowed Last month for about 30 seconds, which is pretty wild considering it has never snowed here before. I know the sky was truly cold & the snow fell till it hit the ground & melted. I don’t assume it was below cold Last month so it was pretty cool that it snowed a bit. I had our space gas furnaces both on high all day Last month & I bet it costs about $20 in power to do so. They aren’t truly efficient to run but our central heat & air component needs to be cleaned before I run it because it is filled with dust from the HEPA filter to the HVAC duct. I don’t want to clean it myself so I am going to call the local business & see when they can fit myself and others in. I’m okay with not having it function for a while because the weather is starting to moderate up & I won’t be needing to run the heat anymore. I just love to use the space gas furnaces as backup because they are both quite old & eat a lot of power. I assume they were made back in the 90s, back when people didn’t care so much about using lots of power. Now the two of us are more green with our HVAC device which helps the planet a lot, too.

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