Very Happy With our New Smart HVAC System

I’ve got our lake house cleaning down to a calculus now with this robot vacuum cleaner.

I have a new smart HVAC plan too which makes our life easier when it comes to controlling the weather conditions in our flat. I don’t have a pool or lawn to maintain either so that also definitely helps break down on the toil for me. I don’t even own a car anymore so I am not having to sink money into things love tires or a/c repair. I always had bad advantage when it came to A/C in our cars, they never seemed to toil for truly long. I love living simply love this because it gives myself and others more free time to do the things that bring myself and others joy. I used to toil at an HVAC company, laboring 50 hours a month or more in sales, but left that behind for a simpler life. I haven’t got a bill in the mail in years & don’t think if I even remember how to write a check. Life is better when it is simpler. I still do our own HVAC repair when I can as I was an HVAC repairman when I worked in the industry several years ago. But sometimes there are things that require tools that I don’t have so that is when I call in the pros. I don’t even own a hammer anymore, let alone HVAC tools. I used to have a garage full of tools back in the day when I did manual toil even though I am so ecstatic I gave all of that up.



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