We Have a New Air Conditioning Repair Service in Town

It’s kind of a cheesy name, Top Notch Acey Repair Inc, but they have great prices on repair and maintenance of HVAC equipment.

  • Cheesy or not, I’ll be sure to use them when the time comes to get my unit serviced or maintained.

They just opened recently and are hungry for business so maybe I’ll inquire about their service plans and just buy one now so I can get a good deal. I talked with the owner of the place a few days ago and he is a really nice guy so I would love to give them some business. Maybe I can spread the word about their HVAC equipment repairs and get a better deal on my service plan. They like when you tell people about their company, it’s like money in the bank, and I know a ton of people in this town so it would be really easy for me. I had my own local business back in my hometown and I spent a lot of time marketing and trying to get the word out about my new business. I ran that company for ten years and then decided that I no longer wanted to be in the industry so I closed my doors and turned off the company phone. I bet a lot of my old HVAC customers tried to get a hold of me when they were having problems with their AC or heat but discovered my company was no longer in business. It was called FBI Cooling and Heating and everyone knew about my company.



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