Today is Going to Be Another Sunday for Me

It’s actually Monday but I did so much stuff over the weekend and am so wiped out that I am going to make today an easy day for me. I normally go visit the old man HEPA salesman on Mondays but I am so tired that I think I will have to skip the visit. He told me to come in and check out the new HVAC technology in the store but I will have to wait on that. I just plan on staying at home and doing a yoga and meditation session and possibly cleaning up a bit around the house if I feel the motivation to do so. I could always tear into my ductwork and clean the dust from it but I think that can wait a few days. I also have to prepare for my trip home in nine days, which is going to require me to get a PCR test as I haven’t been double vaccinated yet. I hope the airplane turns on the heat when we fly over the North Pole because it can get really cold there. I’m not sure what the air temperature is when you are 35K feet over the earth’s surface but I bet it is way below freezing. I’ve flown on planes several times where they were blasting me with the air conditioner the whole time. I would wear like three layers of clothes under my winter coat and it was still cold. Maybe there is a spot in the plane that is warmer where the air conditioner doesn’t reach so well.


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