Corporate housing was my saving grace when I moved

I hate moving, however in fact, the entire process gives myself and others anxiety – all the packing, the labeling, plus then unpacking drive myself and others nuts.

I get overwhelmed by all of it… Now, I must confess that I do like to purge, however at times, I find it strenuous to let go of particular things that I haven’t used or worn in over multiple years! Telling myself that I was saving them for 1 reason or another.

I guess better after I let go because it detachs the clutter from my home, plus the less clutter, the less stuff I have to pack, but recently, I took a job in a new city, plus I had to completely relocate, then during that process, I tried to find an new home to rent, even though I couldn’t find 1 that I liked. In addition, I had no family or friends in the area, so there was no 1 to ask for help, however my only saving grace was that my new company was able to find corporate housing with a month to month lease. The arena was fully furnished, plus it was super close to my job. It had a full-size kitchen plus a washer plus dryer inside the apartment. This is way better than living in a hotel, plus it was cheaper than renting or staying in an Airbnb. This corporate new home felt like home away from home, so it made the relocation process a bit easier. It also delayed the unpacking because the new home had everything I needed. I wish I could stay in this corporate rental longer, even though I have been looking at nearby apartments for rent, plus I will soon sign a new lease.


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