I dreamed of an outdoor ceremony.

When I was a little girl, I saw a movie where the bride was wearing a colorless coat over her dress.

There was a hood on the coat, and it was framed in colorless fur.

The snow was falling she walked the snow covered aisle to her soon to be hubby, however from that day on, I dreamed that I would have an outdoor Winter time ceremony when I grew up. Despite all the glamour that Hollywood played into that movie, I could not find a single reason to walk down an aisle when it was snowing. The colorless floor length coat that was lined with fur was not in our budget. Most of our relatives were elderly, and having them stand out on a frigid, snowy day was not doable. The people I was with and I ended up renting a site, with a lot of windows so we could see the snow outside, but before renting the site, our hubby asked the manager if they had a great Heating & Air Conditioning plan in the building. Three times the question was posed, and several times the building manager assured us that the oil furnace was laboring perfectly. The day before the ceremony, our siblings and bridesmaids joined myself and others in decorating the site. It was frigid when we walked inside the building. I hoped it was just that the building manager had forgotten to turn the heating on, but I was wrong. There was a note tacked to the refrigerator letting myself and others think ‌the oil furnace was broken, however they had called the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. They guaranteed the oil furnace would work before we arrived at the locale for our ceremony reception. I could only hope the oil furnace was laboring, because our hubby would not be happy if it wasn’t.
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