Maybe with a can of spinach, you would have the strength plus energy to get a task.

My child is 26 years outdated plus still living with me.

  • This does not make myself and others cheerful, plus her father is even less cheerful than I am.

Last week, my partner gave him an ultimatum. She told him to either go to school or get a task. Either way, all of us expected him to do something with her life other than lie around plus play video games. I held up a can of spinach plus told him that if she ate it, maybe she would have the strength plus energy to get a task. Since all she did was watch cartoons in the afternoon, I was sure she knew I was referring to the Popeye cartoons. Three days later, my child came into the home plus plopped down on the couch while reaching for her video game joysticks. When she could not find them, she asked myself and others what happened to them. I ‌calmly told him that they went out in the trash just care about the rest of the junk in the house. My child was livid. She went upstairs, put her shoes back on, plus walked out the door. Two minutes later, she handed myself and others a paper. She had gone down to the local community college plus signed up for HVAC certification classes. He‌ knew that by getting her HVAC certification, she could labor with her father. She thought ‌HVAC techs made a lot of money, plus since dad owned the HVAC corporation, she would get paid even better. I chuckled because she easily didn’t think her father and she thought she did.


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