I needed a comfortable place to study.

When I was taking my graduate courses, I needed a quiet and comfortable place to study. I’m not one who can concentrate well if I have a lot of noise or the temperature isn’t just perfect. Since I had my ‌apartment, I didn’t think noise or comfort would be a problem when I was taking my graduate courses. Unfortunately, I was just about ready to finish all of my courses when the HVAC system died. I called my landlord and told him that there was a problem with the heating, but he said he didn’t have enough money to have it repaired at the moment. I tried to explain that without excellent HVAC, I could not study, and ultimately graduate. My landlord told me that my graduation was not his concern. Since he didn’t want to do anything about the HVAC, I called the HVAC company. I gave them the address and the name of my landlord and explained the situation. I explained that trying to study in an apartment that didn’t have a working furnace was impossible. It would be difficult to huddle under blankets with a space heater, and study. Twenty-four hours later, the HVAC technician was in my apartment. He quickly repaired the HVAC system. He then asked me where I wanted to have the bill sent. I gave him the name and address of my landlord. I knew that before the landlord threatened to kick me out for sending him the bill for the HVAC company, my lease would be up and I would be out of there.

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