We discussed a whole-home air purification system long before the pandemic.

When COVID-19 reared its ugly head, the HVAC company I work for was getting a plethora of calls for whole home air purification systems.

Although many people didn’t think a vaccine could help them from getting Covid, they thought that a whole home air purification system would.

I will admit that the air purifier could help to eliminate many of the bacteria that carry the virus, but it couldn’t prevent a person from getting the virus. Long before the pandemic even started, my husband and I had discussed a whole home air purification system. Having severe asthma and allergies, an air purification system was a necessity in our home. When one of the HVAC techs was telling me ‌about a whole home air purifier, I was interested. He told me how it works, and how I would need to make sure the air filters were changed the same as I did in the AC and furnace. He said that when you added the UV light, you couldn’t find much air than what would be in my home. Even with the whole home air purifier, I knew I would still have to take precautions when I went outside of my home. When I began answering phone calls from clients who wanted a whole home air purification system to eliminate their chance of getting Covid, I had to keep my mouth shut. These people will go outside without a mask, but they couldn’t feel safe in their homes. Covid may have brought out the best in many people, but in some it had just brought out stupidity.


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