Brian brought a portable AC with him

Brian hadn’t been part of our friend group for long. He joined us during lockdown when we were all added to a group chat. One of our friends had met with him during a trip, and they hit it off. He told us about him, and he sounded like a pretty cool dude. We talked about many things in the discussions, including our plans for when it was safer to travel. Since he was new, we let Brian pick our next activity. We were willing to do whatever he suggested. Brian was hesitant to speak out, but he said he always wanted to travel somewhere remote in a camper after a little encouragement. A friend had the best camper, and we later chose a date for when and where we’d go on the trip. On the day we were leaving, we passed by Brian’s place to pick him up, and his luggage included a portable AC unit. We told him that the camper had good air conditioning, but he insisted on bringing the portable AC unit. Better safe than sorry, he kept saying. True to his words, it was better to have the portable AC unit and not need it than to want it and not have it at hand. On the third day of our camping experience in the great outdoors, our camper air conditioning stopped working. Since none of us was an HVAC expert, we opted to use the portable HVAC that Brian brought until we found a specialist to fix the camper air conditioning. It took a few more days to locate a town with an HVAC expert, and we were grateful Brian had brought the portable AC unit.



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