The ductless mini split certainly was a good choice

It genuinely is hard to believe I’m finally in university.

There easily was a time in my life that it seemed like I’d never arrive at this place in my life.

Growing up as an only child, I’d spend a huge portion of time at my aunt’s place to hang with my cousins, and my older cousin went to university when I was 5, and he came back with the most awesome tales! He wasn’t allowed to tell us about the parties and trips, although he did anyway. That was the image I had of university for a long time until I grew up and was able to find out it was also a path to a better future… I’m extremely lucky my parents have covered all my crazy costs, including tuition and books. Having lived in the north for such a long while, it was a fairly odd experience going to university in a relatively sizzling area. Our dorm rooms were simple setups with a bed, a studying table, a handful of shelves, and a/c equipment. After a month in university, I knew I had no way to get by separate from a better air conditioner machine. The a/c machine in my room wasn’t sufficient, and even my roommate had to agree. I called my mom to explain that I was having a great deal of trouble sleeping because it was so hot. She was still in the city visiting awesome friends and opted to head to an HVAC store to find some good solutions. Mom wanted to buy me a nice portable a/c unit, however the store employer suggested something different. He said a better move was an energy-efficient ductless mini-split with additional features like a quality dehumidifier.


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