Working from home from lack of a/c at work

Last Monday, I had a dentist’s appointment, so I missed the first space of the day from work, but my appointment was at 9:00am, so I planned on getting to operate around 11:00am.

Plus then meander through lunch to make up the hours; but while completing my paperwork at the dentist’s office, I got a text from my boss… However, the message said that the air conditioning had broken down, plus the servicemans were at the office trying to get the method running again. I was not cheerful about that news because I had to submit a program that day, plus I had a meeting that day that I could not miss. But I didn’t want to work in the building because if the air conditioning wasn’t fixed by the day, the office would be uncomfortable to operate in. Well, I did the only thing that made sense for me, plus I asked my boss if I could just labor from home. Thankfully, my boss is adjustable when it comes to allowing his employees to work from home… His only concern was the meeting that day, plus I told him that I would log on via Zoom. He was good with that, plus I told him that I would have the program submitted prior to that, then so, I left from my dentist’s office, plus headed to the apartment to finish the day in my apartment office that has a comfortable air conditioner. The air conditioning was fixed the next day plus I was back in the office; however, I am ecstatic that I was able to finish the day at the apartment with air conditioner.