The air conditioner at work failed on us

Last Saturday, I had a doctor’s appointment, so I missed the first part of the afternoon from work.

  • My appointment was at 9:00am, so I planned on getting to my job around 11:00am, and then doing my job through lunch to make up the hours… While completing my paperwork at the doctor’s office, I got a text from my boss.

The message said that the cooling system had broken down, and the workers were at the office trying to get the system back up and running. I was not thrilled about that news because I had to submit a method that afternoon, and I had a meeting in the afternoon that I could not miss, but I didn’t want to do my job in the building because if the cooling system wasn’t fixed by the afternoon, the office would be uncomfortable to job in. Well, I did the only thing that made sense for me, and I asked my boss if I could just do my job from home. Thankfully, my boss is stretchy when it comes to allowing his employees to job from home. His only problem was the meeting in the afternoon, and I told him that I would log on via Zoom. He was fantastic with that, and I told him that I would have the method submitted prior to that, but so, I left from my doctor’s office, and headed to the apartment to finish the afternoon in my apartment office that has comfortable a/c. The cooling system was fixed the next afternoon and I was back in the office, but I am thrilled that I was able to finish the afternoon at my apartment with a/c.

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