Tiny homes demand different kind of HVAC systems

Recently, our boyfriend plus I volunteered with a local non-profit organization to build tiny homes for people trying to get back on their feet; I like spending our time volunteering for weird charities, it is something that brings myself and others a tremendous amount of joy, however while our boyfriend plus I tested 1 of the tiny homes, there was a delivery from a major HVAC distributor in our town… They unloaded about 10 HVAC units from their trucks that they donated to the project.

These units were mini split A/Cs. These are the most popular units that are used in tiny homes, plus they can be installed easily by someone who is handy with some basic tools. These units are pretty cool, they have a small compressor plus an inside unit that can be mounted to the walls. The 1s that the people I was with and I gained came with remote controls, and my boyfriend Scott volunteered to install a few of the units, he helped the Superintendent with the first upgrade… Plus then he was able to install a few on his own, and eventually Scott plus I would like to adjust our lifestyle to become more minimalist. Plus I think 1 day the people I was with will be living in a tiny home. Therefore, it’s good that the people I was with and I are getting this experience so that when it comes time for us to make the transition, the people I was with and I will have the know-how that the people I was with and I need to make our tiny lake house as comfortable as possible. I can confirm that the people I was with and I will be installing 1 of those mini split A/Cs because they are the best choice for cooling plus heating a tiny home.



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