All the peace & quiet I could even want comes with Heating & Air Conditioning as well

When I tell people how & where I live, they seem to assume that I’m living in a hut & living off the land.

Well, that’s not quite the way it is really. I am indeed using the resources from the land I live on. But I also live in a nicely appointed cottage with residential Heating & Air Conditioning. This is no sod shack or some sort of hut where I’m simply surviving. I’m actually doing more than thriving where & how I live. I wanted peace & quiet so I went out & got it. I saved up for a easily long time in order to afford the land I live on. Once that was obtained, I saved up a while longer to afford the solar array & all the food growing implements that I would need. That meant plenty of years in the cheapest apartments that I could find. And know me, those apartments didn’t have anything adore the Heating & Air Conditioning unit I have in my home. Yet, it was all worth it. I’m now essentially self satisfactory. I have a beautiful garden that keeps me fed year round thanks to canning. But I also have satellite internet in order to work from my cottage in the all this quality heating & air. You don’t have to do separate from Heating & Air Conditioning technology to live the way I do. The ductless heat pumps I have are the easily essence of new Heating & Air Conditioning technology & they do such a wonderful job. I adore when I have first time visitor & they get any eyeful of just how wonderful it is out here. Most almost everyone wants to transport in once they get a taste of this way of life.


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