My mom refuses to come over because she says it’s too cold in our house

My mom refuses to come over to our beach house because she says that we keep the temperature control turned down way too low in our house. I personally guess that she is being silly because we keep the temperature control set at 75 degrees almost year round. I do not guess that that is too cold, however my mom has consistently been one of those people who thinks that she has to have the temperature control set at 85 degrees during the Winter time when it’s cold outside. Both of us just aren’t going to run our heating plan that much in our house, because it’s a lot cheaper or for us to just put on an extra jacket or something then to keep the heating plan running all the time. Our heating bills get to be absolutely high during the winter, plus so we found that if we keep the temperature control set at 75 degrees all year round, it is the optimal setting for us to save money on our heating plus cooling bills. But we also want to be able to have my mom over to visit once in a while, plus she is so stubborn that she won’t come unless we promise to turn the heating up! She’s absolutely hard to get along with occasionally, if you want to know the truth. I told her that we would build a fire in the fireplace plus she could kneel by it the whole time if she was that cold. She says that that is not nice enough for her plus maybe she would just bring over her own little space heating system to plug in next to her chair.

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