HVAC machine kept turning on and off

I thought for sure I had a dud. It must be a dud or something wrong with it, considering that ever since I got it, it has been malfunctioning. What am I talking about, you may ask, well, it’s my HVAC unit. My last air conditioning and heating unit was fairly old when I bought this house, I only had it for about 4 years, before it died and the A/C technician couldn’t repair it. I tried with a few other A/C specialists, but no luck, the HVAC device was gone. The last HVAC tech told me it would be best to get a new A/C system, but money wise, that was almost impossible. I told my cousins about the issue, and one of them suggested getting a used HVAC unit. I wasn’t sure at first, but when I looked online, I was amazed to see a ton of used A/C devices for sale! I bought one, and I had it installed by some guy I vaguely knew. Unfortunately, I have had nothing but problems with the system, and I figured I must have been sold a defective product. When I had another air conditioning technician out, he told me it wasn’t the fact that it was used, it was the fact that the HVAC system was not fit for my house. Apparently you have to have a specific kind of A/C in your home, and I got the wrong kind. The one I got was much too large, which caused it to short cycle. Now I really don’t know what I am going to do, because my machine doesn’t work, nor do I have enough money for a new one.



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