I’m thankful for more than just the HVAC cooling

When you live where I do, it comes with a warning.

If you can’t take the heat than it’s best not to move to this particular kitchen.

That sounds corny but it’s one hundred percent fact. I see plenty of people move down here thinking that it’s going to be perfect all year. And it almost is. We have 8 months where the weather is near perfection indeed. The other four comes with a whole lot of air conditioning. It’s those four months of heat season that can send some newcomers back north. And honestly, I hate to see that. But it’s not just the heat down here. It’s the humidity as well. That’s what can really sock it to a person. The heat is bad enough but add in all that thick air with high humidity and it’s like wearing a hot, wet coat over your head at times. Thankfully, we have great residential HVAC to help manage heat season. I know that I’m very fond of walking into my house when I’ve been outside. I’m greeted by the most perfect cooling comfort I could ever want. But the HVAC cooling process is doing more than just cooling of the house. It’s the other part that I’m also ever so thankful for. I’m talking about how the HVAC cooling process also balances the humidity in the house as well. So that crisp, cooling isn’t just more air conditioning. It’s because the air is much dryer than the air outside and that makes it feel even better inside. Plus with the humidity balancing that’s automatic when the air conditioning is on, we don’t have to fight mold & mildew either.


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